Stanford University selects PMWeb


Stanford University selects PMWeb

February 2017


PMWeb's success with world leading universities continues...

Stanford University has selected PMWeb for its capital works Project Management Software, joining Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University, Carnegie Mellon University, American University, UC Davis, Tufts University, Boston College and the University of Washington St Louis – all users of PMWeb Portfolio, Program and Project Management Software.

DID YOU KNOW? Stanford alumni and faculty founded Google, Hewlett-Packard, Nike, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Yahoo!, and companies founded by Stanford alumni generate more than $2.7 trillion in annual revenue, equivalent to the 10th-largest economy in the world.

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pmweb selected top product 2016

pmweb selected top product 2016

PMWeb – The #1 Project Management Software for the Construction Industry – got selected as Top Product for 2016 by Constructech.


When a company spends more than 60% of resources on activities that directly enhance clients’ experience that is a sign it is a good company to do business with in construction.

Such is the case with PMWeb, which allocates roughly 39% to client services, and another 22% to research and development. Not only that, but in meeting with the company it is clear that software is at the center of its business—and that has a direct impact on the competitive edge clients achieve in the marketplace.

PMWeb offers a comprehensive, integrated solution with global access for employees and associates. The solution runs on most devices and browsers and is modular, meaning users can tailor it to work the way they work. Furthermore, PMWeb’s features are all tightly integrated with a single sign-on, automatic notification of collaboration and deadlines—all without duplicate data entry and full audit trail.

What is included in the solution? Users are able to leverage capabilities for planning, engineering forms, cost management, scheduling, asset management, visual workflow, timesheets, document management, custom forms, and an Integration Manager, all aimed at improving CapEx planning and management, project portfolio management, facility management, and real estate management.

While the technology is designed to work in any AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) sector, some key ones for PMWeb include education, energy, government, heavy/highway, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, project management, property management, retail, and transportation. In the end, the solution can take any project from planning and development, through construction, and then to operation.

And the system PMWeb offers is the heart of the company, as it truly does have the needs of the clients as the cornerstone of its business, offering implementation services to help a customer succeed, while also having a team of developers focusing on R&D to continue to advance the product for the future.



Harvard BUSINESS school selects pmweb

Harvard Business School has selected PMWeb to plan, build and operate its capital construction projects. 

The historic institution, long known for demanding excellence in leadership from its faculty and students, applied the same rigorous standards to their search for a software partner capable of delivering a powerful, innovative solution that met their needs. 

PMWeb - the company and the software - are both proven leaders that can keep your enterprise moving forward. Ask Harvard Business School.

Higher Education

Higher Education


Yesterday’s solutions fall short in meeting the challenges facing campus managers today. Historically, Portfolio Management platforms have been by necessity home-grown, often disjointed, collections of single-use software applications that have been difficult to use and maintain and that have made true collaboration virtually impossible. Higher Education Institutions, even more than most enterprises, need to be able to collaborate quickly and easily, both from the top down and from the bottom up, with collective intelligence. 

Throughout history, colleges and universities have been society’s innovators. In the new paradigm, the “Green Campus” initiative has major implications for both Master Planning and Strategic Capital Development to ensure future sustainability. At the same time, significant (often drastic) reductions in funding resources challenge today’s institutional leaders to quickly adapt to tighter controls on capital and operational expenditures. Some view this shift as a burden. Innovative leading edge institutions, however, see it as an opportunity. 

PMWeb used a similar visionary approach to develop an all-in-one solution that is 100% Web based with zero footprint for end users and that is now being adopted by leading institutions. It was built using state-of-the-art technology from the ground up and is designed specifically for institutions that need to plan, build and operate a wide range of projects and assets and that require the power and scalability of an enterprise solution. PMWeb was not “built on” or “built around” a legacy Windows application to adapt it for collaboration and use on the Web; rather, it was built with those features at its core. This assures that the user experience is seamless and that it readily adapts as technology evolves. 

PMWeb is a workflow driven, total portfolio management solution for all phases of an asset’s lifecycle, from project planning using conceptual or detailed estimating, to procurement and scheduling, to space planning and maintenance. PMWeb delivers the next generation and a new breed of facility infrastructure management software with the most, and the easiest-to-use, features on the market today. 

PMWeb provides the tools necessary to accomplish the challenges of today while offering a clear pathway into the future: 


  1. Portfolio and Multi-Year CapEx Planning with estimate-driven initiative collaboration and approval.

  • With one click generate Projects, Budgets, Estimates, and Schedules for initiatives you choose to fund.

  • Centralized Project and Program tracking with rapid access to project details from summary portfolio views, Google map views, and interactive dashboards. Situations that could lead to a crisis quickly bubble to the surface, so that corrective action may be taken early.

  • 100% web based, zero footprint (no plug-ins required), multi-browser compatible and can run from any device with a browser (even iPads and iPhones) – this guarantees easy access from anywhere.

  • A familiar experience for the user with integration to Microsoft tools including Word, Excel, Project and Outlook. Word and Excel are the native form creation tools used by the software, bringing custom form design within reach of anyone with basic Office skills. That reduces the burden on IT staff and makes training easy and affordable.

  • Business Intelligence Reporting that allows users to drill down from the highest level overview all of the way down to transactions.

  • Ready to use out of the box for everything from small maintenance work orders all the way up to multi-year capital improvement projects.

  • Unparalleled ease of use leads to quick implementation and rapid end user adoption, with a minimum of consulting and training services.

Integration Manager

Integration Manager

pmweb announced release of integration manager

PMWeb is pleased to announce the release of its latest power tool: Integration Manager. The new feature, which works with Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and more, allows users to directly configure, schedule and monitor the exchange of data between PMWeb and external applications such as accounting and ERP systems. Finally, automated data exchange is possible out of the box without spending a fortune on hard-to-maintain custom utilities. Integration Manager, like all PMWeb features, blends power with ease of use so you don’t need an engineering degree to use it. 

Integration Manager’s key features include: 

  • Select which data fields are exchanged
  • Multiple data formats to choose from, including XML
  • Schedule exchanges to run at intervals you specify
  • Save settings as profiles and link to multiple applications
  • Latest Web service technology