Visual workflow Overview

Visual Workflow forms the backbone of PMWeb. It allows business rules to be quickly assembled in the form of a workflow. This is not just a visual representation, as behind the scenes, powerful software writes the logic to enforce these business rules. The advantage for the user is that at all times the workflow status of a particular RFI say, can be tracked. It also allows the pace of response to be mapped by PMWEb and this can, if required, be reported in a dashboard, giving and early notification of a possible cause of delay in a project. 

Workflow drag a step .png

Visual Workflow Steps

The steps required can simply be dragged and dropped from the left side of the screen and assembled to reflect the visual workflow required for the organisational step in question. 

Branch rules can also be added into the workflow which we will see more of below. 

Workflow branch rule.png

Branch Rules

To enforce rules based on pre assigned responsibilities, branch rules can be inserted into workflows, as simply as you would insert a step. This rule can be related to cost, speciality type, such as electrical, concrete, or various other matters. 

In the image opposite a conditional branch rule is being inserted which includes the project accountant on any decision over $100,000, but for anything under that amount, they need not be consulted.

Workflow populate a role.png

Populating Roles

Once again the roles are simply dragged and dropped from the list on the left to the relevant step in the workflow. 

The list of roles can easily be imported on a project, portfolio or programme basis. The people can be displayed in terms of their title or their name. 

When all the above roles are compete, the workflow can be saved, and will be available for anyone with security access to use, to submit an RFI or change order for example. Rules can be written and deployed on a project, portfolio or programme basis, to ensure consistency of business rules accross an organisation. 

Custom Forms

Custom Forms

Build forms to suit your business

Custom Form Builder Safety Incident.png

Custom forms to suit your business…

You can easily create Custom Forms such as safety forms in PMWeb to look just like your paper forms and instantly have reportable data. No longer have lost documents or coffee stained reports. 

Custom forms can be built easily and because they resemble the forms people are used to, they can adopt them easily. Because its build on the powerful PMWeb reporting and workflow engines, data can be tracked and reported on, giving project oversight to the relevant people. 

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