Pushing the boundaries of design and construction at the time,  the Flatiron Building in New York City showed what was possible when using the latest steel construction techniques and materials. 

Efficiency ensured that the steel went up at one floor per week, and the entire build took just one year. The 'Cowcatcher' retail space was added during the build. 

The Fuller Construction Company, the building's prominent developer, managed to create one of the most iconic buildings in one of the most iconic cities in the world.


Used for current day iconic buildings, such as the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, PMWeb is a world leading software solution, to help manage the developments of many of the worlds top institutions and companies.

Features such as visual workflow, change orders and document management systems would have assisted the build and would have ensured that the original blueprints and documents were preserved, unlike the originals.

PMWeb's asset management features would have helped lease it's sought after and oddly shaped offices.

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